Become a major threat for terrorists


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Major GUN FPS is a first-person shooter that abandons any elaborate story or plot in favor of a straightforward and action-filled experience. You play a special agent from an antiterrorist unit, whose goal is to get rid of any possible terrorist threat. That's pretty much it.

In Major GUN FPS you don't need to control your character's movements; he moves automatically through the map. You just have to worry about aiming and firing your gun. To the right of the screen, there's a button you can press to activate the sight, and to the left you can find different power-ups.

In between missions, you can customize your equipment. There's more than a dozen different weapons you can upgrade with the money you get after each mission, including shotguns, handguns, machine-guns, assault rifles, and more. You eventually need all of them to pass the 100+ levels in the game.

Major GUN FPS is a straightforward and fun first-person shooter. Its amazing graphics are reminiscent of the excellent FPS saga, Borderlands.

Requires Android 2.3 or higher

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